Californian massage 40 min : 150.-ch / 1H : 250.-ch

Californian naturist fun Eye (on table)

Sensual, naturist Californian massage is practiced naked. The masseuse uses a support oil for better sliding, usually associated with essential oils and fragrant relaxing.
His technique involves wrapping and sculpting the body in its entirety with movements of slipping, kneading and effleurage, mostly performed on the surface of the skin. The masseuse is completely naked for the pleasure of the eyes.

The Californian massage naturist

Sensual Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage 30min: 150.-ch / 1H: 200.-ch / 1H30: 300.-ch

Nestled in a soft and pleasant place, the masseuse and the client are both naked and aspire to the same goal: to awaken and stimulate the desire, while providing pleasure! This is one of the reasons why these massages are particularly appreciated.

Unlike an erotic massage, tantric massage is practiced naked, not omitting any part of the body. It aims to stimulate the vital and sexual energy, while inviting to let go the most total. Only the moment counts.

Inspired by techniques and ancestral movements from Asia, Tantric massage aims to release Kundalini, the energy that sits at the bottom of the spine.

Immerse yourself in the discovery of an exacerbated sensuality, through an experience that will emerge transformed.

Body Body Massage

Body Massage 1H: 200.-ch /1H30: 300.-ch

The masseuse uses her bust and chest to massage. Nudity and massaging proximity give the experience you live at Glamor12massage, a unique character focused on the sensations and pleasure of the moment.

The Body-Body massage gives you a unique sensory experience. Our goal is to make you live a relaxing, sensual and erotic moment out of time.

Massage Reciprocal Exchange

Reciprocal exchange 1H: 250.-ch / 1H30: 300.-ch

The masseur massaged becomes in turn on his naked masseuse.

To introduce you to massage the mixture of touch and sight offers a unique moment in the forefront of sensuality through this mutual massage.

Sensual Massage 4 Hands

4 Hands Massage 1H: 500.-ch / 1H:30: 600.-ch

The sensual 4-handed massage turns out to be a great moment of sharing. Upon entering the cabin to undress, waiting for our naked masseuses, in the privacy of the room, you will be seized by a thousand sensations, excitement to ecstasy. The chills, the heart that go crazy will slowly give way to extreme relaxation.

The beginning of massage is very often the occasion of erotic exchanges. The two naked masseuses being very willing to these moments of conviviality. This original massage, intense, remains a moment of complicity for the massé, strongly desirous of proximity.

The duo massage follows our charter in the perfect respect of the naturist spirit, with a touch of sensuality. You can also enjoy sensual 4-handed massage to live an unforgettable moment.

Lingam Sensual Massage

Lingam Massage 30 min: 250.-ch / 1H: 400.-

Like a tantric massage, this technique aims to provide pleasure and relaxation to the subject. Be careful, ejaculation is not an end in itself!

The man is lying, naked, a cushion under the head, and in perfect state of relaxation. His partner will sit between his legs apart to have full access to the area.

With the help of oil provided for this purpose, the masseuse will start to stimulate the massaged by practicing slow and repeated movements on her sex. It will first be caresses, to gradually become a more insistent movement with the help of increasing hand pressure. No part of the crotch will be forgotten. Both the testicles and the phallus will be massaged.

It is important that the massé is in a state of total relaxation. No apprehension or nervousness should come to interfere with the experience. Of course, the sensual aspect of the session will certainly bring the sex of the man to react (as it may be the case with a traditional naturist massage!).

Gradually, the gestures will focus on the upper sex of the man, always with constant pressure, using circular movements. The masseuse will rotate on the top of the sex, as it would with an orange on a citrus press. Be careful, however, to respect the partner by not inflicting any pain, the gentleness is therefore appropriate.

Progressively, the pleasure will rise in the man, which will lead him to orgasm, and perhaps to an ejaculation. In this case, it is recommended that the masseuse, at this precise moment, stimulate the male prostate by exerting pressure on the perineum (between the testicles and the anus).

From then on, we will leave everything to enjoy the moment, leaving it in the stars for a few minutes.

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