Quels sont les bienfaits du massage Naturiste ?

Massage practices originated in countries such as Asia, Europe, India and California. However, used by its very nature for relaxation and unwinding in the spirit and concept of Glamour12massage, massage therapy has become an inescapable social phenomenon. Today, it's almost part of the most common culture and practice in modern, active society. Whether it's a massage with essential oils, hot pebbles or shiatsu, massage itself provides the relaxation and well-being needed to cope with the adversity of everyday life.

Naturist massage

Regulated and controlled by the various ups and downs of life, we rarely have time to refocus on ourselves. Under the influence of the stress, nervousness and activism that never seem to cease, traditional massage is no longer enough to detach us from a world that has become unhealthy and hard to bear. That's why the Glamour12massage naturist massage salon was created. Naturist massage is a nuance of Californian massage, performed entirely naked on the whole body using essential oils. Naturist massage is performed in the pure spirit of naturism. The quest for well-being is based on union with nature. That's why, in naturist massage, both the masseur and the client are naked. Naturist massage has no sexual purpose, however, and its sole aim is to provide the person with the physical and psychological relaxation essential to their well-being. The benefits of naturist massage are numerous.

Naturist massage heals through nudity

In its simplest form, or in its natural state, man is best able to detach himself from the industrial world to which he belongs. This remains the primary function of naturist massage in the vision and practice of Glamour12massage naturist massages.
This method is an inseparable part of naturism. First developed in France in the heart of the 19th century by Elisée Reclus, particularly in his publications, naturism is a way of life designed to bring man closer to nature by returning to his natural state.
In this case, by accepting one's nudity. Naturism is, in fact, considered a practice that can guarantee human physical and psychological health.
Inspired by this lifestyle, naturist massage is a therapy that heals through nudity. However, nudity is not the goal, but only the solution to regaining a primitive state of well-being through authentic fusion with Mother Nature. That's why the Glamour12massage naturist massage is performed by a naturist masseuse who strips down to the bare essentials when experimenting with this method. For perfect osmosis, the recipient must also undress during the naturist session.

Naturist massage an

Naturist massage is a wellness massage that works on both the body and mind of the recipient. Yet its practice is simple. During a one-hour session, the masseuse explains the concept of naturism to the recipient. She creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Then, she frees her client's mind from the depreciatory prejudices accomplished by naturism's antagonists, such as shame and embarrassment at the sight of a naked body. She also explains the decency of the technique and expounds the values of naturism in compliance with the rules and regulations laid down in the Glamour12massage massage salon, concerning the separation of nudity and sexuality. During naturist massage, the masseuse performs a variety of relaxation techniques: effleurage, tapotement, malaxage, percussion, pétrissage and more. And little by little, the person receiving the massage relaxes, enjoying the manual maneuvers performed in minute detail, resulting in an immediate state of physical and psychological well-being.

Naturist massage by experienced masseuses

In our various massage salons, naturist massage is performed by a masseuse with a highly developed sensitivity. Glamour12massage's expert naturist masseuses are all women who offer massages exclusively for men.
Naturist massage is provided by professional naturist masseuses. Well-trained in Californian and Ayurvedic massage, they also have solid training in naturist massage or, more generally, in massage techniques and effleurage methods.

Naturist massage in innovative and professional settings

Naturist massage used to be practiced in naturist areas such as naturist villages, nudist nature reserves, naturist residences or resorts. Nowadays, it's offered in countless massage centers and relaxation centers, massage parlors and specialized institutes accessible to the general public. At the Glamour12massage center, professional masseuses cater to the needs of customers looking for new and sensational experiences.

Naturist massage with Glamour12massage, a decent practice

The naturist massage developed by Glamour12massage helps the person receiving the massage to stimulate their libido or master the precepts of foreplay. The main function of naturist massage is to help the recipient accept the return to nudity. The aim is to enable the recipient to enjoy an experience of relaxation and well-being hitherto unknown to the men of modern society.
One of its greatest benefits lies in the fact that naturist massage makes a considerable contribution to freeing the individual from the social condemnations that stand in the way of self-fulfillment. Naturist massage enables you to learn to distinguish between the pleasure derived from sexuality and the state of well-being achieved through simple nudity.

Treat yourself to a naturist massage with Glamour12massage, and you'll be free to let go of the aches, pains and sufferings often inseparable from modern society.

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